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WORLD-CLASS… Completely Immerse Your Grow Room in Light!



  • Double your yield per watt vs hps
  • Slash your electricity Bills in HALF!
  • Verified Lab Test which shows you that this lamp produces a whooping 2.67umol/J
  • You get a light specifically designed to replace a 1000W HID HPS grow light
  • Quantum Board Technology solves hps heat related issues, during hot summer months, due to low heat emissions from the front of the lamp, and minimal radiant heat from the back
  • Grow Stealthily, and Grow in Peace, with Less heat in your grow room
  • You get deep Canopy penetration due to Diffused Light Emission, which means more Light reaches lower down your plant for increased yields
  • Harvest your crops faster with our Game Changing Enhanced White light Spectrum Lighting, which uses a mix of 1088 Samsung LM301B 3.5k Highest Bin-Brightest chips and 64 Osram SSL Deep Red 660nm LEDs
  • Only our Genuine Authentic HLG Lights gives you Top Voltage Bin and Top Flux Bin Samsung chips, these truly are the Best when it comes to LED Technology
  • Top Quality Genuine components; if you want the best Industry Leading HLG-Samsung-Osram Quantum Boards…
  • No expense spared; built using only the Best, High-performance parts you can Trust
  • Your lights come direct from the factory in America, from the Original US manufacturer and Trademark holder of True “Quantum Board” Technology
  • Often imitated but never bettered; other “Fake” Quantum Boards out there are poor imitations, that use Lower brightness Samsung chips or Lower quality chips you'll be safe in the knowledge that we only supply genuine, fully supported Horticulture Lighting Group US products, which means you get the brightest Tech on the planet

For more information on why Chip selection matters, and how not all Samsung Chips are created equally CLICK HERE


  • Aluminium Anodized Heatsink – No cooling fans or unnecessary parts, just a nice simple Passive-Cooled Design for greater reliability
  • Highly Energy Efficient Dimmable lamp so you can turn it Down during Veg as low as 190 watts and Up during Bloom as high as 484 watts
  • Auto sensing power supply works on both 120VAC and 240VAC mains power
  • Achieve More Yield Per Watt and Grow Higher Quality Crops than you would using HID HPS grow lights
  • Balanced Full spectrum white light boosted with increased 450nm blue wavelengths and 660nm red diodes to help drive plant photosynthesis harder than standard white LED grow lights
  • The Spectrum also contains a high amount of green wavelengths for deeper canopy penetration and increased biomass vs standard white and blurple LED grow lights
  • Built to last & Engineered to the Highest standards
  • The light comes with 4 free hangers
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty and full customer support


Power Dimmable via onboard dimmer from 190– 483 Watts
Voltage Range 90 – 277 VAC
Vegetative Footprint 6 x 6ft – 3.34m2
Flowering Footprint 4 x 4ft to 4 x 5ft – 1.86m2
Recommended Height Veg 36 – 30 inches dimmed down to 50% intensity
Recommended Height Flower 30 inches – 22 inches at full power
System Efficiency 168 Lm / W
System PPF 2.67 umol / Joule
Total Output 1293 PPF@484.10 Watts
Operating Temp Approximately 50°C in 19°C ambient air
Dimensions 66cm x 51cm x 7.62cm or 26” x 20” x3”
WeightTemp 8kg or 18lbs

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  • All HLG products come in discreet packaging
  • All HLG Products are sent out fully tracked & traceable for added peace of mind
  • As soon as funds are cleared Lights are shipped out within 1-2 days for next day UK delivery and 2-3 day delivery across the rest of Europe

For more details please see our shipping and delivery page here


HLG 550 V2 RSPEC LED GROW LIGHTS UK & EUROPE… Replaces 1000w HPS Grow Lights

  • Are you looking to produce a bountiful harvest or two?
  • Are you looking for the best LED grow lights in the UK and Europe?

If the answer is yes to both those questions, then you need not look no further than the Horticulture Lighting Group’s Flagship model the HLG 550 v2 Rspec. This lamp is designed to be used in grows that require high intensity lighting, making this led grow light perfect for plants that love lots of light, like Aubergines, Cucumbers & Tomatoes.

An Industry First and RECORD BREAKER

Due to it’s phenomenal performance and exceptional energy efficiency, the HLG 550 v2 Rspec achieved an industry first & record breaking level of 2.67umol/J and 1293 PPF, whilst only consuming 484.1 Watts, this means it can more than hold its own against a 1000 watt HPS grow light. Another industry first, as it is the only lamp in the world at this power, that is able to do so.

The HLG 550 v2 Rspec total PPF output was measured and verified in an independent test, carried out by a third party Laboratory, and it is currently the industry benchmark, as there is no other led grow light manufacturer on the planet that has produced a fixture this low power, which is still able to keep up with a 1000 watt HPS grow light.

Double your yield with the 550 Rspec Groundbreaking Performance

With its truly groundbreaking performance, as you can see the HLG 550 v2 Rspec really does produce a huge amount of light from a relatively small amount of power, so much so, you can remove that 1000 Watt HPS grow light from your grow room, and replace it with an HLG 55O v2 Rspec. No joke!

This is a grow light, which comes with a load of added benefit’s such as…

  • Low power consumption,
  • Superior spectrum.
  • Double your yield per watt vs 1000W Hps grow light

…and more light per watt than any other grow light on planet earth, today.

High Electric Bills Gone Forever!

In fact, watt for watt, the HLG and QB series led grow lights produce 100% more light than a typical Single-ended 1000w HPS grow light.

“This means you get to enjoy an extra 100% more light per watt, than a typical 1000w HPS grow light, yet still reap the rewards of a bountiful harvest, without the added hassle of sky high electric bills, and all that excessive HID HPS heat.”

We’re That Confident We Guarantee it

In Fact, we are so confident in our claims, and so certain they will live up to your expectations as promised, we even offer a 30 day No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

For those searching for Genuine Horticulture Lighting Group products and the Best LED grow lights in the UK and Europe, then look no further than HLG UK Europe!!!



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