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Horticulture Lighting Group UK Europe



SIMPLY THE BEST…The Most Efficient Highest Performing LED Grow Lights in the World Today!!



  • Designed to replace and surpass a 600W HPS & 315W CMH
  • Produces a whooping 2.67umol/J
  • Gain more yield per watt from your grows
  • Slash your electricity Bills in half
  • Grow Stealthily, and Grow in Peace, with Less heat in your grow room
  • Quantum Board Technology solves HPS heat related issues, during hot summer months due to low heat emissions from the front of the lamp, and minimal radiant heat from the back
  • Deep Canopy penetration due to Diffused Light Emission, means more Light reaches lower down your plant for increased yields
  • Harvest your crops faster with our Game Changing Enhanced White light Spectrum Lighting which uses a mix of 272 Samsung LM301H 3.5k Highest Bin chips and 16 Osram SSL Deep Red 660nm LEDs
  • Only Genuine Authentic HLG Lights come with Top Voltage Bin and Top Flux Bin Samsung chips, these truly are the Brightest & Best when it comes to LED Technology
  • Top Quality Genuine components; for those who want the best, use our Industry Leading HLG-Samsung-Osram Quantum Boards
  • Only the Best, Authentic, High-performance parts you can Trust, direct from the Only manufacturer of True Quantum Board Technology
  • Often imitated but never bettered, feel safe in the knowledge, we only supply fully supported, Genuine Horticulture Lighting Group US products


  • Aluminium Anodized Heatsink – No cooling fans or unnecessary parts, just a nice simple Passive-Cooled Design for greater reliability
  • Highly Energy Efficient Dimmable lamp so you can turn it Down during Veg as low as 60 watts and Up during Bloom as high as 160 watts
  • Auto sensing power supply works on both 120VAC and 240VAC mains power
  • Balanced Full spectrum white light boosted with increased 450nm blue wavelengths and 660nm red diodes to help drive plant photosynthesis harder than standard white LED grow lights
  • This spectrum is perfect for Vegging and Flowering your plant
  • Achieve More Yield Per Watt and Grow Higher Quality Crops than you would using HID-HPS...CMH….And Standard LED grow lights
  • The Spectrum also contains a high amount of green wavelengths for deeper canopy penetration and increased biomass vs standard white and blurple LED grow lights
  • Built to last & Engineered to the Highest standards
  • The light comes with 2 free hangers
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty and Top-Notch customer support


Power Dimmable via onboard dimmer from 60 – 160 Watts
Voltage Range 90 – 277 VAC
Vegetative Footprint 3 x 3ft – 0.83m2
Flowering Footprint 2 x 2ft to 2 x 3ft – 0.37 to 0.56m2
Recommended Height Veg 24 – 20 inches dimmed down to 75 – 50% of Max intensity
Recommended Height Flower 20 inches – 16 inches at full power
System Efficiency 168 Lm / W
System PPF 2.67 umol / Joule – Diablo Boards@2.85 umol/Joule
Total Output 427 PPF@160 Watts
Operating Temp Approximately 50°C in 19°C ambient air
Dimensions 34.29cm x 20.32cm x 7.62cm or 26” x 20” x3”
WeightTemp 2kg or 4.4lbs


  • 2 x QB288 R-Spec Quantum Boards made by Samsung for HLG comes with Samsung 301H Highest Bin/Brightest LED Diodes and Osram 660nm Deep Red Diodes
  • 1 x Slate Double Pre-drilled 340mm Black Anodized Heatsink
  • Mean Well HLG-120H-54A LED Driver
  • 6FT Nema 5-15P 16/3 SJTW NA Power Cord or equivalent for standard 240VAC with a cable connector
  • 1 AC Cable Joiner – IP68 (Water Proof) for Power Cord to Driver’s AC Connection
  • 2 x Wago Connectors for AC and DC wiring
  • 2ft solid core Wire
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • Hanger Clips
  • Tools required: wire strippers (or scissors). No soldering required

All the parts needed to build your very own “Best LED grow lights”, are included in this kit. If you want us to pre-assemble the kit for you please contact us. Either way, you’ll be ready to grow on a small budget.


  • All HLG products come in discreet packaging
  • All HLG Products are sent out fully tracked & traceable for added peace of mind
  • As soon as funds are cleared Lights are shipped out within 1-2 days for next day UK delivery and 2-3 day delivery across the rest of Europe

For more details please see our shipping and delivery page here



  • Is your grow space small and compact?
  • Are you a closet grower looking for maximum yield, with the least amount of effort?
  • Do you want the best led grow lights money can buy, without having to sell a kidney to get them?

    Where space is at a premium; and you’re you are looking for maximum yield, from a small plant or two, and of course, you do not mind a touch of DIY… then the ready to assemble HLG Grow Lights series is exactly what you’re looking for. One of which is the highly rated and popular 135W QB V2 Rspec led kit, is the perfect tool for the job.

    This lamp offers staggering performance, producing 2.67umol/J and 427 PPF of light, whilst at the same time, only consuming 160 Watts. Allowing you to grow massive crops with a low amount of electricity. Saving you even more.

    The LED Light that breaks records

    The Horticulture Lighting Group is taking LED grow lights to record breaking new heights. So much so, The Horticulture Lighting Group is currently the industry leading LED grow lights manufacturer in the world today and don’t look to be losing that title anytime soon.

    To put all of this into perspective, HLG LED grow lights achieved an efficacy gain of 53 percent more light, per watt, than the best double-ended 1000-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures. With the best 1000W DE HPS fixture achieving 1.7 μmol/J vs HLG QBs@2.67umol/j.

    Regulates others to also-ran’s

    HLG LED has ‘single-handedly‘ relegated HID technology to the position of has-been, and sounded the death knell for this tired old technology.

    The cutting edge HLG grow lights series; 135W QB V2 Rspec led kit is made up of 272 of Samsung’s Highest Bin LM301H LED’s, the secret sauce, and 16 Osram Olson deep red 660nm diodes making these this combination, the Most Efficient and Best LED Grow Lights on the market today.

    The new Rspec spectrum will enhance flower production, while still being a great all-around light from seed to harvest. You’ll enjoy the lower energy cost, less heat and more output, with a 4% efficiency gain, over the previous 135W QB V2 led kit models!

    Equivalent to about 320 Watts of HID power, this kit is a great vegetative/bloom full-cycle grow light, primarily aimed at small gardens up to 3ft x3ft. So if you’re working in such a limited space, this LED will fit like a glove.

    As you can see the HLG grow lights series; 135W QB V2 Rspec led kit certainly packs one heck of a punch.

    A BIG surprise in a small package

    It produces a huge amount of light from a small amount of power. A big surprise in a small package. With the added bonus of low heat emissions, this really is the perfect light for all your closet/cupboard growing needs. What’s more, and for those of you who grow on a slightly larger scale, you can use multiple HLG grow lights; 135W QB V2 Rspec led kits in larger garden’s with excellent results, so more bang for you buck.

    So confident we guarantee it

    For those searching for the Best LED Grow Lights then look no further. In fact, we are we’re so confident and so certain this little baby will deliver the goods, we offer a 30 day No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee if the light does not deliver as promised.

    You can choose to use the industries, 2nd or 3rd or 4th placed LED grow lights, spending more money, wasting more power and getting less results.

    Or you can DO what David did and Choose to buy the industry’s best in class, spend less on his 135W, less on his electricity and spend less time to getting the results he wanted, all with a click of the BUY button.

    The choice is yours!



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